ERC-ME is a tokenized Profile specification standard that enables the creation and use of decentralized pseudo-identities. The standard aims to build a common informational interface by which social networks, games and other services can host user experiences on their services without hosting or owning user information.

ERC-ME intends to provide a decentralized standard upon which digital and tokenized pseudo-identities can be used in various Dapps on the blockchain without information being tied to any single service.


  1. A profile standard for use on the blockchain via Dapps.
  2. Each profile is an ERC-721 token.
  3. Profiles can be used across several Dapps. This means your followers on one Dapp can be imported to another Dapp.
  4. Because they're tokens, profile ownership is easier to transfer than contract-based identities (like uPort). This is handy for pseudo-identities.


In Q1 2018, we will be holding a crowdfunding event to fund ERC-ME's development. There will both a presale and a main sale. The presale will take the form of a game where people who beat the game will gain access to the ERC-ME beta test as well as help fund ERC-ME's development. The mainsale will be a normal sale where ERC20 tokens are minted in exchange for ether.

Once the presale contract goes live later this week, the contract address will be posted on the site, on Twitter and on our Medium blog.